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As Brunswick County's premier pressure washing company of choice, local property owners have come to recognize the value that comes with the simplistic process of allowing this company the opportunity to handle all of their exterior cleaning needs. Since this company's inception in 2012, we have led the way in raising the bar for standards of acceptance for exterior cleaning in Brunswick County. Safety for cleaning technicians being of upmost concern, demonstrated through acquisition of the best equipment this industry has to offer as well as decades of experience to help in training. This company believes that less fatigue and safer methods makes for a happier technician, which results in better efficiency, a better clean and more satisfied customers who can Ultimately depend on us time and again.

We are Hiring

The Ultimate House Wash is a pressure washing company that is currently seeking exterior cleaning technicians to become a part of the team during it's continued growth in this area. Experience is not necessary and training is provided to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment. An understanding that property owners entrust this company, and ultimately it's cleaning technicians to care for their largest investment is more important initially than any skills that you will learn through training. Having a mindset that shows respect for other people's property and gratitude for their choice to have us serve them is an important consideration we are looking for.

Pressure washing is a very rewarding task that provides results you can see almost instantly. As much as customers appreciate and love the immediate results, as a cleaning technician, there will be a feeling of satisfaction for you as this happens as well.

Equipment used by this company is the very best this industry has to offer. This makes for far less fatigue on our bodies, and a safer process overall to help eliminate injuries. Even so, this is still a labor intensive, fast paced job that someone with a relatively active lifestyle should be able to manage with little difficulty. There are times of the year when you will be cold and there are times it will be so hot outside you will welcome the water to keep you cool throughout the day. You can expect to get dirty and have wet feet some days, but with training this will happen not so much. You will definitely be met with many thanks from appreciative customers for a job well done.

You will learn a bit of the chemistry involved with cleansers used for the purpose of removing various types of stains on various types of surfaces that make up the exterior of buildings and homes we clean. There are some important do's and do not's that tie in importantly to the safety factor this company places so much value on. Mechanical diagnosis and repair will be something else you learn in order to make any necessary repairs on site in order to keep things on schedule.

Customer Service is a vital key to this company's success. As a cleaning technician and eventual crew leader, you will be the face of this company that handles the responsibility of demonstrating the highest level of customer service while on that customer's property. An attitude of gratitude by you as a cleaning technician will be necessary for the team to succeed overall. Ultimately, the customer provides the means for this company to operate, and that should never be forgotten.

This is a drug-free workplace.

 1) The Ultimate House Wash is committed to protecting the safety, health, and well-being of its employees and all people who come into contact with its workplace(s) and property, and/or use its services.

2) Recognizing that drug and alcohol abuse pose a direct and significant threat to this goal, The Ultimate House Wash is committed to ensuring a substance-free working environment for all of its employees.

3) The Ultimate House Wash therefore strictly prohibits the illicit use, possession, sale, conveyance, distribution, or manufacture of illegal drugs, intoxicants, or controlled substances in any amount or in any manner.

4) In addition, The Ultimate House Wash strictly prohibits the abuse of alcohol or prescription drugs.

5) Any violation of this policy will result in adverse employment action up to and including dismissal and referral for criminal prosecution.

What's in it for me? 

This is an opportunity to become a valuable part of a respected service company during its transitional period of projected significant growth. This company is positioned to recognize your provision of time and effort by training you to eventually manage the responsibility of all systemized operational procedures. After learning all entry level tasks and demonstrating an ability to manage this company's processes with little to no direct oversight, you will be able to earn a respectable wage that includes benefits in a pleasant work environment in which you were a part of helping to create. The amount of time involved to go from the point of performing entry level tasks to being able to self manage operations is very short relative to nearly any other position in any other company. The timing of this opportunity could not be better for the right applicant.

This hiring process will not be an easy process. We are looking for someone willing to put forth the initiative that demonstrate his/her willingness and desire to take this opportunity to become a part of this team. Time is valuable to everybody. We are looking to work with someone we can depend on for many years to come. Time and effort given into training and developing a relationship should not be spent without serious consideration towards having like minded, mutually beneficial long term goals for all parties involved.

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