How do I clean concrete driveway stains?

How do I clean concrete driveway stains?

Southport Pressure WashingHaving a clean concrete driveway and sidewalk can help make your property look its best. Aside from mildew just forming on your siding, it can also present itself on concrete and brick driveways. Oil stains, irrigation water stains from wells, mildew and even acorn stains take a specific process for effective removal. Sometimes it doesn’t get noticed until the rest of the house is professionally cleaned if your lucky or possibly until you or a guest nearly falls due it being so slippery at entryways during a rainfall. Cleaning concrete driveway stains requires a specific process in order to be effective.

Using a surface cleaner dialed in correctly to your specific pressure washer’s output in psi and gpm’s along with the use of hot water provides professional results that are evident by a consistent swirl and streak free clean over the entire surface. Note the name of the tool I recommend using for cleaning concrete. Surface cleaner. This tool effectively removes dirt from the surface of the driveway, providing the best possible results for a uniform appearance.

Southport Pressure Washing CompanySometimes, cleaning your driveway or sidewalk doesn’t just stop there. How do I clean concrete driveway stains that are leftover after the surface cleaner has done it’s work? Concrete is a very effective sponge. Oil spots, mildew, rust formation from water irrigation or battery acid stains, even acorn stains leftover from hot tires pressing them into the concrete spores can all leave a just cleaned surface looking as if it needs some more attention. And often times these specific stains are not quite so evident before using the surface cleaner as they are after. Each of those stains mentioned requires a different cleaning solution for effective removal without causing damage to the concrete itself. Plant life and other areas surrounding the concrete needs consideration as well. Application of the cleansers by an experienced pressure washing technician familiar with the effects on areas aside from the stain itself is important in order to avoid other costly damage. When this process is performed correctly though, the results can produce a safe and beautiful surface that is truly clean. For an in person consultation with your driveway or sidewalk stains in Southport or Oak Island NC, just give us a call.



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